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Emergent Preparative & Responding Management Training Course(Time:2010-03-23 17:40:00)

Emergent Preparative & Responding Management Training Course (one or two day)
Training Object
Realize the personnel who were apply in the actual work (safetyman,general affairs,engineering technology,establishment,occupation sanitation etc.)
Training Outline
The foundation,implementary meaning and process of emergent preparative & responding management stytem
The planning method of emergent case
The method of identifying emergency
The method of appraising risk
The composing and function of emergence succor institution
Emergent facility and material management
The training of emergent personnel and employee education
The emphases of testing emergent case
The organization and implement of the actual drilling
The familiar question and avoidable method in the actual drilling
The avoidable question of the emergence succor and direction
Information aviso and alarm system
The safeguard of the emergent disposal
The logistics guarantee of the emergent disposal
The resumptive process after accident
The transvaluation and recension of emergent case
The training certificate prove that the training course has been finished.