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BSCI(Time:2010-03-23 16:29:00)

What is BSCI

BSCI - business social code of conduct, business social standards (BSCI) designed to perform a set of unified action program, through perfecting the development policy, to monitor and promote the production of related products of the company's social responsibility. Many European brands and retailers such as C&A, Coop, Esprit, Metro Group and OBI BSCI certification. At present, there are more and more discussion of the human rights situation is concentrated in the production of consumer goods on the condition of the developing countries or the emerging industrialized countries. In industrialized countries, improving its retailers in the production of national social standards, has become a very important agenda. Suppliers around the world have the problems include: child labor, forced labor, lack of workplace safety, wages can't even reach the lowest level, interfere with the establishment of trade unions, obstruct the work of the employee representatives, set working hours are too long, work overtime time is too long, and there may be various forms of discrimination. In order to solve these problems, Europe and all over the world from the retail and industrial companies, traders and industry association made the code of conduct. These codes are often the main labor in the the international labor organization (ILO) convention as the basis, purpose is to improve the working conditions in supplier countries. Many countries have set up according to the code of conduct of the supervision system, including: Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Britain and Canada. The purpose of this code of conduct and the related supervision system is very similar, even its content. Many standard makes the retailers feel overwhelming in its social responsibility. Their suppliers is also facing the same situation; They want to meet more and more requirements and review process. So urgently needed in the retail trade and industry to take consistent action.With the problems of attention in the world for common action is more urgent. FTA in March 2003 formally established the initiative (BSCI) comply with the social responsibility in the business organization, the purpose is for the European business abide by social responsibility plans formulate implementation measures and procedures.

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