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Standard system consulting process

The work steps consulting content Remarks
First Visit Communicate with enterprise principal,preliminary know the department organization structure, personnel configuration and operation situation.Simple visit enterprise production site, introduce the related international standard and answer and explain enterprise issues of concern. enterprise principal need to visit the site with us
Submit the certificate consulting proposal According to the enterprise's first visit to understand the situation and customer requirements for certification advisory work plan, coordination matters and consulting service offers and certification costs introduce certification consultation process, work schedule, training course, enterprises. Enterprises to implement the relevant documentation required for certification, production license, environmental assessment, environmental protection facilities acceptance report etc.
The two sides signed certification consulting service contract
The standard knowledge training Consultant to the enterprise related staff of standard knowledge training, contain standard terms to explain, environmental and safety laws and regulations knowledge training. In the senior leadership required to attend
Standard management system planning, diagnosis The initial diagnosis of the existing enterprise management system of consultants, the improved scheme is put forward, according to the international standards to help managers determine the organization and functions of the new distribution, and draw up detailed advisory and certification program. Require the general manager in planning activities
Enterprise preparation period Determine the enterprise the management representative, presided over the establishment of certification, certification, certification leading group office and the system document compilation group, enterprises to collect the relevant documents, the procedures and requirements etc.. Mainly by the management representative is responsible for
Standard management system documentation training Consultant to the file management system written group targeted training, including documents, file format, environmental factors, identification methods of major hazard identification, knowledge training. Mainly by the management representative is responsible for
Standard management system documentation Enterprise system document compilation group in the consultant under the guidance, write a document management system in line with the actual business, the consultant was finalized after several revisions, the signature of the general manager post. Mainly by the management representative is responsible for
Standard management system documents issued Enterprise file conference held, enterprise departments should participate in the. For the general manager to
Standard management system (at least 3 months running records) Enterprise level publicizing system files and the implementation, consultant and on-site guidance, inspection, found problems, rectification, one to two times the internal audit, management review, the issue of rectification, conformity assessment, determine the certification bodies, to determine the certification scope, time, a formal request, prepare for certification. Internal audit by the management representative is responsible for, the general manager shall participate in the management review
Standard management system certification and improve (environment / safety management system to accept the two stages of the certification audit) Certification system certification of enterprises, enterprises put forward for certification unqualified rectification and improvement, a counselor for guidance. Enterprises to obtain a certificate, our company completed contract work
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