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Guangzhou ZhongHe Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing at a wide range of ISO Certification consultations and offering training services on management in the respect of expertise( we have acquired the qualification authorized by national certification consultation, approval number:CNCA-A-20Q-2010-005 ). We always concern about the quandary which enterprises have been encountering by providing excellent & considerate customer services through professional pesonnel with good knowledge and management experience, to help enterprises improve their leveling of synthetic management, and cultivate the core competitive power.

ZhongHe Consulting Company have been possessing a powerful profession consultant team formed by the people from various territory with profound theory and abundant knowledge on practical management. Of who not only the line elites having worked in many years on management consultation, certification consultation and certification review, but also the master holders, senior scholars from well-known university or science-technology research organization, and top-management members from the front-line of high-reputation Corporation management. The professional consultation make the core power of our company, and powerful consultant & expert teams form an effective guarantee for the quality of consulting services.

Until now, ZhongHe have served nearly 1000companies as our clients, e.g. Guangzhou Cosco-logistics Company, Masson Group(holding) Company., Guangzhou ZhengGu Hospital, Guangzhou Yi-Shou Hospital, Hitachi cooler, Fujixerox electrical appliance, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,TsingTao Beer, ShuangQiao Holding Company, Guangzhou Vigo Group Company, ChingShang Chemical Company, Guangdong Data Communication Network Company, APP Company, Min-En Garment Company, U-right International Holdings Ltd, Yi-Da Textile Company, lines covering as industrial manufacturing, automobile accessory & sales, engineering design implementation and supervision, real-estate development and management, traffic transportation and logistics, petroleum chemicals, textile and garments, foodstuff, administration management, service industry, medical service organization and medical appliance, electronic communication and IT etc.