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The social responsibility standard consulting process

The work steps consulting content Remarks
Visit According to the standard of social responsibility (BSCI/SA8000/WRAP/ICTI/COC) requires a preliminary understanding of the enterprise, simple visited the production site, relevant content to the standard and the consultation process, on-site to answer and explanation of the concerns of the business. The person in charge of the enterprise shall be present and accompanied visited the production site
Submit your work plan According to the enterprise's first visit to understand the situation and customer requirements for advisory work plan, coordination matters and consulting service offers and audit fee the consultation process, work schedule, training course, enterprises. Related documents enterprises to implement the audit required, such as plant and the completion acceptance report, fire inspection report, sewage permit, catering license
The two sides signed the consulting service contract
The standard knowledge training Consultant to the enterprise related staff of standard knowledge training, contain standard terms to explain, the relevant laws and regulations knowledge training. In the senior leadership required to attend
Enterprise preparation period Enterprise project working group, in their respective duties and responsibilities and completion time Recommended leadership as a responsible person
Standard documentation Written advisory division is responsible for the standard required documents, complete the manual, procedure documents The consultant compile files
Site environment rectification Consultant, dormitory, canteen guide complete transformation workshop environment, to meet the requirements of Various departments in accordance with the requirements of the deadline to complete
Improve the relevant records Consulting division guidance personnel and financial personnel, perfect personnel, attendance, wages, welfare and other records Meet the standards and regulations
Simulation of audit Consultant simulation on site audit, find problems and guide the rectification To pass the examination
Staff training Batch training staff, familiar with the audit process and answering skills Successfully passed the site audit
Successfully passed the site audit Accept the on-site audit notarization, obtaining audit certificates or reports Consultant accompanied by audit