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Chymic Produce Management Training Course(Time:2010-03-23 17:39:00)

Chymic Produce Management Training Course(One day)
Training Object
Realize the personnel who were apply in the actual work (safetyman,warehouseman,general affairs,engineering technology,establishment,occupation sanitation etc.)
Training Outline
The definition and sort's introduction of hazardous produce
The health's harm of the hazardous produce's exposure
The fire and the harm of blast cause by hazardous produce
The relative laws and regulations'sintroduction of chymic produce
The prevention and contral of the chymic produce's harm
Harm sign and safety technology document(MSDS)
The safety stockpile of chymic produce
The task of chymic produce
The disposal of the waste
The osculant supervisal and medical intendance of the chymic produce
The emergent disposal of the chymic accident
The foundation and maintenance of chymistry management system
The training certificate prove that the training course has been finished.