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Safety of Fire Control & Emergent Evacuating Training Course(Time:2010-03-23 17:40:00)

Safety of Fire Control & Emergent Evacuating Training Course (one day)
Training Object
Realize the personnel who were apply in the actual work (safety man,general affairs,engineering technology,establishment,occupation sanitation etc.)
Training Outline
The knowledge of combustion (three factor of combustion,the sort of bombustion,the method of fireproofing etc.)
Fire prevention & the method of putting out a fire
Tinder fire
Tinder liquid & gas fire
Electric fire
Metal fire
The outfit & use of the fire equipment
The request of the law & regulation and establish the management stystem
Safety examination & case analyse
Establish the plan of emergent evacuating
How to manoeuvre the fire control successfully
The training certificate prove that the training course has been finished.