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SMETA 6.1 officially activate on July 1(Time:2019-05-24 15:05:01)

The option to select SMETA 6.1 will be available in Sedex Advance from May 2019, following which a transition period will come into effect. From 01 July 2019, all SMETA full scope audits must be conducted against SMETA 6.1. In addition,it will be possible to conduct partial follow-up audits against 6.0 for up to 1 year, until 30 June 2020.
A complete set of files contains:

● SMETA 6.1 Best Practice Guidance: A best practice guidance on conducting ethical trade audits
● SMETA 6.1 Measurement Criteria:A set of instructions on the items to be checked by auditors
● Guide to completing a SMETA Report 6.1
● Guide to completing a SMETA CAPR 6.1
The above documents can be downloaded from and currently only available in English.
The update of SMETA 6.1 is as follows


Source: SEDEX official website)