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Congratulations to Zhongshan Baoli Food Co., Ltd. through the BRC certification!(Time:2021-07-20 16:42:04)

        Zhongshan Baoli Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, is a subsidiary of —— Guangdong Zhongshan Food and Aquatic Products Import and Export Group Co., Ltd., a national leading agricultural enterprise, and is also the canned food export production base of COFCO. The main product of Zhongshan Baoli is canned aquatic products, with an annual production capacity to reach more than 5,000 tons. Now it mainly produces "Baohe" brand and "Pearl River Bridge" series of black bean dace, fresh fried dace, plum dace, anchovies, crisp crucian carp, spicy fermented crucian carp and other cans, sold to Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia and the domestic markets.
        BRC certification is widely recognized by food related parties worldwide. According to official BRC, more than 50 percent of the world's top retailers, manufacturers or fast food brands accept or only BRC certification,. Therefore, obtaining BRC certification will be the key for enterprises to develop a global business. In addition, because BRC is recognized by major retailers or purchasers, passing the certification can also effectively reduce the number of audits to suppliers, thus reducing the cost of supplier audit.