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Congratulations to Guangdong Boda Cosmetics Co., Ltd. on passing the ISO22716 and GPMC certification!(Time:2021-07-20 16:41:05)

        Guangdong Boda Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is located in Yingde City, Guangdong Province, and is a company specializing in cosmetics production and sales. Boda Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has an experienced, skilled in professional technical team. Its products are organized and produced in strict accordance with the current national or industrial standards and relevant requirements, the production equipment, facilities and testing equipment and instruments are complete, and the product quality has reached the industry-leading level.
        ISO22716 provides cosmetics manufacturers with operating guidelines on production, control, storage and other aspects, enabling enterprises to establish a complete set of strict standard operation procedures and systems in all aspects of equipment cleaning, production operation, on-site product management, quality testing, health and safety. Enterprises passing this certification can greatly improve the management level and can also enter the international market.