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Congratulations to Guangdong Sanlan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. passed the audit of ISO13485!(Time:2020-08-11 16:55:35)

        At present, the company has built more than 3 sets of modern pharmaceutical production lines with an area of more than 3 million square meters,Guangdong Sanlan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with strong industrial chain including planting, R & D, production and sales of traditional Chinese medicine and eye drops.Sanlan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of high-tech enterprise of Guangdong Province in 2017. With the joint efforts of consulting teachers and enterprise related personnel, sanlan pharmaceutical has passed the ISO13485 certification.
        As a special international quality management system standard for medical device industry, ISO13485 standard is an independent international standard based on ISO9000 family standards and with ISO9001 as the basis to increase the special requirements of medical device industry. ISO13485 standard is an independent standard,More emphasis is placed on the compliance of laws and regulations. ISO 13485 certification enables manufacturers to clearly demonstrate their ability to provide medical devices that continuously meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, providing confidence for consumers and professionals