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Congratulations to Zhangshu smed Technology Co., Ltd., passed the audit of BSCI!(Time:2020-08-11 16:51:54)

        Zhangshu smed Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2019, is a company specializing in the production and sales of oral cleaning products. With the joint efforts of our consulting teachers and enterprise related personnel, smed Technology Co., Ltd. has recently successfully passed the BSCI certification. Thank you for your hard work and the strong cooperation of enterprise personnel
        BSCI - Code of business social conduct (BSCI) aims to implement a set of unified procedures to monitor and promote the social responsibility performance of companies producing related products through continuous improvement of development policies. Many European brands and retailers, such as C & A, coop, ESPRIT, Metro Group and Obi, have recognized BSCI certification. BSCI is highly recognized in the European market,If the enterprise contacts European customers for a long time, it can meet the social responsibility requirements of most European retailers and purchasers after passing BSCI certification