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Congratulations to Dongguan Rex Packaging Co.,Ltd. passed the audit of FSSC22000!(Time:2020-08-11 16:58:16)

        Dongguan Rex Packaging Co.,Ltd. established in 1995, is affiliated to Hong Leong (Asia) Co., Ltd. It has more than 36 years of design and experience in manufacturing iron drums, cans, rubber barrels and plastic bottles. The products are mainly used in industrial chemicals, edible oil, food, liquid detergent, cosmetics and household chemical products. Dongguan Rex Packaging Co.,Ltd. is located in Changping Town, Dongguan,Covering an area of about 30000 square meters, it has good equipment and production line and perfect quality management system
        At present, fssc22000 is a complete set of food safety standards for enterprises,The main purpose of establishing fssc22000 system is to integrate the requirements of different verification and methods of food safety system,Many famous brands at home and abroad (such as COFCO group, Wang Laoji, kraft food, Unilever, etc.) will require their suppliers to pass fssc22000 certification