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Congratulations on Jiangsu Lam Soon Flour Co., Ltd. passed ISO9001, ISO14001, FSSC22000 and ISO22000 certification!(Time:2020-04-21 09:55:11)

        Jiangsu Lam Soon Flour Co., Ltd. is a Affiliated Companies of Hongkong Lam Soon Group and a member of Hongkong flour mill group. Hongkong Lam Soon began in 1961, and has become the industry leader of Hongkong's edible oil and household market."Knife mark", "red light", "ax brand", "labor card", "golden image", "Mei Mei brand" and other brands have become well-known household brands because of their high quality products and excellent service.
        Jiangsu Lam Soon Flour Co., Ltd. started construction of a new factory in 2016. Our company has been fortunate enough to start building the system for enterprises in the new construction stage of Jiangsu Lam Soon Flour Co., Ltd.. After the completion of the project, we have helped enterprises build ISO9001, ISO14001, fssc22000 and ISO22000 systems.Jiangsu Lam Soon Flour Co., Ltd. successfully passed four certification. Thanks to the hard work of the consulting teacher and the strong cooperation of the staff.