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International Food Standard

IFS Food was developed by the HDE and launched in 2003. In January 2004, an updated version, version 4, was designed and introduced in collaboration with the FCD. Within 2005/2006, the Italian retail associations also showed interest injoined the IFS. The development of the new version of IFS Food, version 5, is nowwas a collaboration of the three retail federations from Germany, France and Italy.
IFS is an umbrella brand providing independent, global and fully managed standards used by the food industry.
With more than 11,000 certificates, standards translated into 20 languages and 800+ auditors IFS Food is one of the largest food safety and quality standards worldwide.
Motivated by increasingly stringent consumer expectations, globalized commodity flows and elevated risks of damage claims, IFS provides retailers and manufacturers with an internationally uniform system of coherent quality assurance, incorporating regulated audit procedures. IFS is responsible for providing a universal tool for the assessment and certification of the safety and quality of products and their supply. IFS is applicable in the whole supply chain with the exception of pre-farm gate processes. Currently, the IFS standards cover the fields of food, transport, logistics and broker as well as household and personal care products.  IFS Food is a recognized standard by the GFSI and is officially accepted by Wal-Mart, METRO, Carrefour, ALDI, Tesco, Ahold, Delhaize and Migros. IFS is also used by the US National Restaurant Association as well as by all many other German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swiss, Austrian and Polish retailers.

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