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Terms and definitions for the automotive industry

For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 9000:2005 and the following apply.
3.1.1 control plan
documented description of the systems and processes required for controlling product
3.1.2 design responsible organization
organization with authority to establish a new, or change an existing, product specification
Note 1 to entry: This responsibility includes testing and verification of design performance within the customer's specified application.
3.1.3 error proofing
product and manufacturing process design and development to prevent manufacture of nonconforming products
3.1.4 laboratory
facility for inspection, test or calibration that may include, but is not limited to, chemical, metallurgical, dimensional, physical, electrical or reliability testing
3.1.5 laboratory scope
controlled document containing
— specific tests, evaluations and calibrations that a laboratory is qualified to perform,
— a list of the equipment which it uses to perform the above, and
— a list of methods and standards to which it performs the above
3.1.6 manufacturing
process of making or fabricating
— production materials,
— production or service parts,
— assemblies, or
— heat treating, welding, painting, plating or other finishing services
3.1.7 predictive maintenance
activities based on process data aimed at the avoidance of maintenance problems by prediction of likely failure modes
3.1.8 preventive maintenance
planned action to eliminate causes of equipment failure and unscheduled interruptions to production, as an output of the manufacturing process design
3.1.9 premium freight
extra costs or charges incurred additional to contracted delivery
Note 1 to entry: This can be caused by method, quantity, unscheduled or late deliveries, etc.
3.1.10 remote location
location that supports sites and at which non-production processes occur
3.1.11 site
location at which value-added manufacturing processes occur
3.1.12 special characteristic
product characteristic or manufacturing process parameter which can affect safety or compliance with regulations, fit, function, performance or subsequent processing of product

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