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Introduction about C&A (Time:2010-03-23 17:33:00)

The Company
Fashion for young and old, fashion that fits every occasion and suits every style. That is how C&A makes life more pleasant for millions of customers. C&A has been providing Europe with quality clothing at reasonable prices for more than one hundred years.
Clemens & August
C&A is one of the leading fashion retail companies in Europe. Indeed, it has been for decades. You didn’t know that? Then it’s time for your first history lesson. Even in the 17th Century, members of the Brenninkmeyer family traded in linen and textiles. However, the actual success story began 200 years later, when the brothers Clemens and August (hence C&A) left their home town in Mettingen, Germany, and opened up a textile warehouse in Sneek, Netherlands in 1841.
The beginning
The first C&A store that opened its doors there in 1861, was a great success. After all, it was one of the first outlets to offer made-up products – i.e. ready-to-wear items of clothing in various sizes – to a broad public. And that at favourable prices. The company grew and, by 1910, succeeded in opening a substantial number of stores in the Netherlands. The further developments were international. Thus in 1911 (Germany) and 1922 (England) the first companies outside the Netherlands were founded. A second wave of followed after the Second World War in a very non-uniform social and economic climate. It began in 1963 with stores in Belgium. In 1972 C&A opened stores in France, 1977 in Switzerland, 1982 in Luxembourg and 1983 in Spain. Austria followed in 1984, Portugal in 1991, the Czech Republic in 1999, Poland in 2001, Hungary in 2002 and Russia as the youngest of the 13 C&A countries in Europe, in 2005.
The philosophy
C&A is a company characterised by values that are also important aspects of family life. As a privately owned company, we take a long- term approach to our company objectives and our business relations. We cultivate and maintain lasting relations at all levels, be this with our customers, employees, suppliers or all other parties with whom we work together on a daily basis.
At the same time, however, we are in competition with others. Therefore, on the other hand, it is equally important for us to have a strong presence in the market and to act responsibly in our environment.
Our aim
For us, the customer is always the top priority. We offer the customer good quality fashion products at favourable prices. This applies not just for a couple of bargains, but rather for the entire product range – from trendy through to classic. In this way, we are able to cater for (almost) every taste and fulfil (almost) every wish of our customers. Our dealings are guided by one central theme: We want satisfied customers, employees, suppliers and partners.
Our conduct is based on mutual respect. That is our motto, that is the maxim of our dealings. It has proved itself to be right for more than 160 years. 
Our presence in Europe
Today, C&A has 1090 stores + 182 Kids Stores + 8 Clockhouse shops + 10 Women Stores + 25 Kids/Woman Stores + 3 Shoe shops + 19 Avanti Shops and over 34,000 employees in Europe. From the invention of pre-manufactured clothing “off the peg”, through to bikini and miniskirt, today C&A still offers the customer the latest fashion in the widest possible selection at a favourable price. And that Europe-wide. So much for the history of C&A. But we are certain that the story will continue ...