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BRC Global Standard Unveiled New Logo and Plans for 2019(Time:2019-03-04 15:03:54)

Recently, BRC Global Standard Unveiled New Logo and Plans for 2019,which includes:

Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing standard - It will be one of the first ethical standards to achieve the Consumer Goods Forum’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative Benchmark Criteria.

Gluten-free and Plant-based - In 2018, BRCGS acquired Allergen Control Group, owner and operator of the Gluten Free Certification Programme.  Also, in development is the first internationally recognised Plant-Based Certification Programme.

Packaging & Sustainability - In August 2019, Issue 6 of the BRCGS Packaging Standard will be introduced which places more emphasis on product safety and quality culture. A new module is in development that reflects the need to control plastics in the environment.

Small businesses - Recognising that not all sites are at a stage where it is appropriate or practical to adopt the Food Safety Standard in full, the BRCGS START! programme has been developed to facilitate and encourage the development of food safety systems in smaller sites.

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