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Congratulations on Xinhui Jinpi Manwu Tangerine peel passed ISO9001:2015 quality and GB/T 31950-2015 Enterprise integrity management system certification!(Time:2023-04-24 14:51:57)

Jinpi Manwu is located in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City. It is an enterprise committed to the inheritance and development of Tangerine peel culture, ceaseless and implemented to all aspects of life, adhering to the concept of creating a good and healthy life and innovative spirit of enterprise, and striving to promote the development of Xinhui Tangerine peel culture. Jinpi Manwu follows the standard storage service and creates a professional tangerine peel storage warehouse to maximize the benefit of customers.
This time, we have the honor to provide suggestions on system construction for Xinhui Jinpi Manwu Tangerine Peel, and assist enterprises to establish ISO9001:2015 quality and GB/T 31950-2015 enterprise integrity management system. Through the joint efforts of relevant personnel, Xinhui Jinpi Manwu Tangerine peel successfully passed the two certifications. Thanks to the consulting teacher's hard work and enterprise personnel's strong cooperation.

For more information about the system, please contact:
Business Supervisor: Miss Peng 020-81334717; 13535100203