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Congratulations to Foshan Kaicheng Lighting Co.,Ltd for passing SCS anti-terrorism factory inspection!(Time:2023-04-18 16:45:48)

Foshan Kaicheng Lighting Co.,Ltd. -- Foshan Kaicheng Lighting Co., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sale of LED products. The company has a professional R & D team, equipped with technical precision professional LED device production equipment, well-trained assembly line workers and an excellent sales team, business partners have been throughout many countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America.
Foshan Kaicheng Lighting Co.,Ltd has hired our company to conduct professional consultation. With the guidance of our counselor and the joint efforts of our employees, it has successfully passed the SCS anti-terrorism factory inspection.
Supply Chain Security Audit, Supply chain Security Audit, SCS. This standard is a set of anti-terrorism standards developed by Walmart itself according to C-TAPT, an alliance of anti-terrorism organizations in the United States, which is suitable for Walmart's own suppliers. Enterprises must pass SCS anti-terrorism factory inspection to receive orders from Walmart. SCS anti-terrorism plant inspection mainly focuses on: personnel safety, crisis awareness, plant access control, plant safety, container and trailer safety, procedure safety, information security, contractor safety, etc.
For more information about SCS Anti-terrorism Factory inspection, please contact us:
Contact: Ms. Peng 020-81334717; 13535100203