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Congratulations to Shenzhen Fuda Jiasheng Plastic Co., Ltd. for passing the GRS certification!(Time:2023-03-28 17:27:22)

Shenzhen Fuda Jiasheng Plastic Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of various kinds of PP, PE, PETG, TRITAN PCTG reusable straw enterprises. The quality of its products is stable and well recognized by customers at home and abroad. Forda Jiashen has also become one of the suppliers of international brands such as Starbucks.
Our company has cooperated with Shenzhen Fuda Jiasheng Plastic Co., Ltd. for many years. Under the close cooperation and joint efforts of the enterprise and our consulting teacher, we successfully passed the GRS certification audit.
GRS (the English full name is Recycled Standard, or in Chinese, the Global Recycling Standard)
GRS certification is an international, spontaneity, integrity standards, through the third party certification can examine the enterprise's product recovery rate, product status, social responsibility, environmental protection and chemical restrictions and other capabilities, is a practical industrial tool. By obtaining this international certification, manufacturers can enhance the green competitiveness of their products.
If you need more information about GRS, please contact us.
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