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Congratulations GUANGDONG DCH LOGISTICS Co.Ltd. Certified by BRC S & D!(Time:2023-03-28 17:21:51)

GUANGDONG DCH LOGISTICS Co.Ltd. Specializing in refrigerated storage and whole-process cold chain distribution business, is an Asian diversified trade and distribution enterprise, with a wide coverage of logistics network. Over the years, GUANGDONG DCH LOGISTICS Co.Ltd. The company has developed a nationwide distribution network in China, and has established a seamless refrigerated chain logistics network in various places, covering Hong Kong, Macao, Xinhui, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Kunming, Xiamen and Shanghai.
Under the joint efforts of consulting teachers and relevant personnel of the enterprise, Guangdong Dachanghang Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. successfully passed the BRC S & D certification and obtained the B-level certificate.
BRC S & D is short for BRC Storage and Distribution Certification, which applies to food, consumer goods and packaging warehousing and distribution service providers. It also applies to companies and wholesalers that provide warehousing, distribution and agreement services (such as product inspection and collective packaging) for packaged products. BRC S & D certified businesses reduce the risks and potential liabilities associated with storage and distribution, increase market access and market share (removing barriers to entry), and protect the company's reputation, brand and image.
For more information on BRC certification coaching, please contact:
Business Director: Mr. Li 020-81820302 13609030601