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ISO14001:2004 internal auditor course(Time:2010-03-23 17:35:00)

ISO14001:2004 Internal Auditor Course (two day)
Training Purpose
The students realize all the relative content of the management system in the course,including know the basal factor and basal require of the quality management system standard very well,predominate the executive process and standard of quality management system,know the method of auditing and the skill of report with ISO9001 quality management system.
Training Object
The personnel who responsible for the environment management and protection of ISO14001:2004 knowledge
The personnel who responsible for the foundation and implementation of ISO14001:2004 system
Realize the personnel who were apply in the actual work(general affairs,sewage disposal,establishment,engineering technology,environment science etc.)
Training Outline
The course contains class instruction,case discussion,the simulative practise of auditing scene and evening working.The training outline contains the below subject:~
The production and cognition of the environment problem
The background and effect of ISO14000
The development of ISO14000
The characteristic of ISO14000 and the relation with ISO9001
The explain of ISO9001:2000 standard's term
The statute's resolution and relation's analyse of ISO14001:2004
The syste structure of environment protection law and regulation
The introduction of environment protection law and standard
The evaluate methods and identification of environment factor
The flow of ISO14001 auditing and certificate
The relative terms and definition of internal auditing
The flow,method and skill of internal auditing
Cases analyse and practice
The compilation and practice of disqualification report and auditing report
Review and solution
The training certificate prove that the training course has been finished and passed the exam.It will issue the ISO14001:2004 internal auditor certificate.