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Congratulations to Chongqing Boli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for passing BRC Version 9 and IFS Version 8 review!(Time:2023-11-06 10:27:25)

Chongqing Boli Biotechnology Co., LTD., established in 2017, is a professional pet snack manufacturer with high standards in China. The company is growing rapidly and the team is experienced. The company has 4000 square meters of GMP standard clean workshop and various advanced production equipment. Its research and development and production of sweet potato powder as the main material for dog snacks have won a number of domestic and international patents, products are exported to overseas and loved by consumers.
Chongqing Boli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has maintained a close cooperative relationship with our company in recent years, and this year also chose our company to provide professional tutoring services for it. With the close cooperation and joint efforts of the company and the tutor, it successfully passed the BRC 9th edition and IFS 8th edition replacement audit and certification.
For more information about BRC and IFS, please contact:
Mr. Li 020-81820302; 13609030601