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Congratulations to Fujian Compo Electronics Co., Ltd. for passing ISO27000, ISO28000 and ISO45001 certification!(Time:2022-04-12 10:03:05)

           Compo Electronics is a leading and highly qualified component supplier in the industry, dedicated to professionally serving the vast number of OEM, ODM and EMS electronics manufacturers.It is call “The Whampoa Military Academy of the World". At present, there are authorized agent lines for Omron, Tyco TE, ALPS, Murata, Etron, Chunsheng, Adam tech and so on.
           The company now has branches and offices in major cities across the country, including Hong Kong. In recent years, the company has followed the pace of customers and actively expanded overseas markets, setting up locations in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries.
            Compo Electronics is committed to providing customers with cost-effective products to help customers improve their competitiveness in the world arena and achieve a win-win situation for the entire industry chain!
          Our company was specially hired to provide professional certification guidance. Through the joint efforts of all employees and our consultant, Compo Electronics successfully passed ISO27000, ISO28000 and ISO45001 certification in January this year, laying a solid foundation for the company's future development.