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Congratulations to Dongguan Tingzhi Seasame Co., Ltd. passed the audit of ISO14001&ISO45001!(Time:2020-01-07 09:37:43)

        Dongguan Tingzhi Seasame Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Tingzhi Food. In 2007, it invested in the establishment of a factory in Dongguan, dedicated to the development and research of related sesame products.The company has international advanced automated production equipment and testing instruments.Their products are not only sold throughout the country, but also exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and European and American markets. They are important raw material suppliers in the vegetable oil, food and seasoning industry.
         The establishment of ISO14001 environmental management system can strengthen management of energy consumption and reduce energy consumption of enterprises.While improving the operating efficiency of enterprises, it has also improved the social benefits of enterprises.The ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system promotes the implementation of occupational health and safety regulations and systems.It is the occupational health management of enterprise employees that changes from passive to active and voluntary behaviors, allowing employees to participate in the management of occupational health and safety, thereby ensuring the health and safety of employees.The common features of the two systems are that they can transform passive management into active management, and make the mandatory management of enterprises into self-restraint and self-management.