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Congratulations to Xi'an BaiYue Dairy Group Co., Ltd. passed the audit of BRC!(Time:2019-12-25 16:27:33)

Xi'an BaiYue Dairy Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1985.It is a group company integrating sheep dairy research and development, production, sales, service, and milk source base construction.Currently the group has six production bases in the country.Among them, Baiyue Yanliang Production Base is the industry's first "10,000-ton-level international demonstration model factory for sheep dairy powder".With its strong scientific research and economic strength leading the rapid development of China's sheep dairy industry, Baiyue Dairy Group successfully opened the international market,signed agreements with 5 ranches and 3 goat milk processing plants in New Zealand and Europe.
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BRC certification is one of the most authoritative food safety certification at present.It is widely used in the audit and evaluation of its own suppliers and production plants by a large number of well-known brand enterprises,many internationally renowned enterprises will explicitly require their suppliers to pass BRC certification to ensure the quality of their products. Therefore,enterprises who pass BRC certification can improve the internal management of the company, external to meet the requirements of international customers.