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Congratulations to Guangzhou Municipal Group co.,LTD. passed the audit of GB/T50430!(Time:2019-10-24 16:15:18)

        Guangzhou Municipal Group co.,LTD.was founded in November 1949. It is a special qualification contractor for municipal public works construction.It has always undertaken the responsibility of the urban construction in Guangzhou ,the Pearl River Delta ,and even the whole province.Guangzhou Municipal Group co.,LTD.already become the main force and leading enterprise of constructing the municipal infrastructure  in Guangdong Province.

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        GB/T50430-2017 is a engineering construction quality specifications formulated according to the characteristics of engineering construction enterprises in China based on ISO9001.To implement this specifications , can further improve the quality management level of construction enterprises,providing quality buildings for the community , and meet the professional requirement of quality management in the construction industry.